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Erectile Dysfunction: A Widespread Issue Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects men globally, leading often to reduced quality of life and emotional stress. This

Low testosterone affects 2 out of every 100 men, according to the American Urological Association. Even though you’re more likely to have

In the Complex World of Human Health, Testosterone is a Key Player Testosterone is a crucial hormone that significantly influences the physical,

Delving into the science behind testosterone levels reveals a world where biology and well-being converge. In this intricate dance of hormones within

Your Journey Begins Navigating the intricate world of testosterone can be a journey filled with complexities and discoveries. This hormone, renowned for

In the world of weight loss, striking the perfect balance between effective methods and sustainable results is key. NuMale Medical stands as

A Deep Dive into Oral ED Medications:  Viagra, Cialis, and Their Generics Unveiled Navigating the world of oral erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments

Unlocking the Power of Trimix Trimix Injections stand as a powerful amalgamation of three dynamic drugs, establishing themselves as a sought-after intracavernosal

News Article on In case you haven’t noticed the red hearts everywhere since December 26th, Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. And

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  1. I have tried both pills neither work to get me hard enough for intercourse. I am however able to cum. I am 67 years old. How much will it cost and how many treatments will it take and will this fix ED?

    1. Hello Terry, if oral ED medications haven’t worked for you, it’s important to consult with a healthcare provider to explore other treatment options. These can include vacuum devices, injections, or even surgical solutions. The cost and number of treatments vary depending on the method chosen. While these treatments can significantly improve ED symptoms, the effectiveness varies from person to person. It’s essential to manage overall health factors and have realistic expectations about the outcomes. Regular follow-ups with your healthcare provider will help in finding the most suitable treatment for you. We are happy to have you come in and speak with one of our medical providers about your specific situation and see if the treatments offered at NuMale Medical Center are right for you.

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