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A thinning hairline can affect our self-esteem and confidence as we age. At NuMale, we understand the desire never to have to worry about hair thinning or balding while still keeping a natural look. At NuMale Medical Center, we are your trusted partner in comprehensive hair restoration treatment. Our holistic approach is designed to address the multifaceted nature of hair loss by combining cutting-edge technology and medical expertise to offer a hair restoration experience that is as effective as it is seamless. We’re dedicated to uncovering the root causes of your hair thinning and providing customized, innovative solutions for hair regrowth and restoration.

To determine if laser hair restoration is the appropriate treatment for you, simply request a free consultation. Most consultations can be conducted remotely, provided that we receive high-resolution photos prior to the consultation. Please call (855) 855-9965 to schedule yours.

Hair Loss Treatments

Identification of the root cause of hair loss is the first step toward its restoration. Hair loss may stem from various sources, including genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies and stress as well as various medical conditions. At NuMale, we conduct an in-depth assessment that goes beyond surface-level symptoms to pinpoint the source of hair loss for every unique individual. This comprehensive approach may involve conducting an in-depth assessment of medical history, hormonal testing, scalp examination and nutritional analysis to isolate specific contributors to hair loss. We believe that understanding the source of hair loss is vital in developing an individualized treatment plan that effectively and long-term addresses both its symptoms and its underlying issues, leading to more lasting and successful solutions. We use this diagnosis to help discover which hair restoration treatment will provide you with the greatest success in the long-term.

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Hair Restoration Therapy

At the heart of NeoGraft is the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method. We meticulously remove hair follicles and transplant them to affected areas, ensuring natural-looking results without scarring, bleeding, or nerve damage. It’s a dance of precision where technology and expertise converge.

Witness Transformation in 6 Months or Less

Imagine a world where full, vibrant hair is not a memory but your reality. With NeoGraft, this transformation is achievable in as little as six months. Each strand, each follicle, is a step towards a revitalized self, where confidence knows no bounds.

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Hair Restoration treatments at Numale Medical Centers nationwide

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of advanced hair loss solutions. Our treatment protocols are designed to cater to individual needs, ensuring the most effective outcomes for hair regrowth and scalp health. Here’s a closer look at our key services:

FUE Hair Transplants Using Neograft Technology and also other FUE Device Technology

NeoGraft technology uses Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), a precision-driven method for hair restoration treatments. FUE involves extracting and transplanting individual follicles without incisions or stitches, therefore minimizing scarring, bleeding, and nerve damage risks. Our device utilizes pneumatic pressure for accurate extraction to ensure intact grafts that promote quicker recovery times; plus, it enables strategic placement of follicles for natural-looking density with reduced downtime – using technology and expertise together for effective outcomes with minimal downtime

Natural Hair Restoration

Natural Hair Restoration is an innovative treatment that uses your body’s natural healing powers to rejuvenate hair follicles and promote hair regrowth. Utilizing the cutting-edge EMcyte system, we ensure this treatment is administered with maximum precision and efficacy. This system is renowned for concentrating treatment to optimal levels for enhanced regeneration potential. This process begins by drawing a small blood sample from you and processing it to enrich it before injecting this concentrated natural treatment directly into the scalp to release the natural healing agents that stimulate hair follicle recovery and promote new hair growth. This technique not only restores hair density but also strives to improve the health of both scalp and follicles for long-lasting and natural-looking results. With EMcyte system’s capabilities, we maximize treatment impact – providing innovative yet holistic solutions that support the body’s ability to heal itself and regenerate.

FDA-Cleared Laser Treatments for Hair Growth

NuMale Medical Center provides an innovative approach to hair restoration through our state-of-the-art laser treatments for hair regrowth and improved scalp health. Our selection includes both FDA-cleared Sunetics Laser Light and professional-grade Laser Cap, both leaders in low-level laser therapy (LLLT). These cutting-edge technologies work by emitting specific wavelengths of light designed to penetrate the scalp, stimulating dormant follicles and creating an environment conducive to dense hair follicle growth – while also improving density improvement by creating an environment conducive for dense density improvements – both producing positive effects both in terms of regrowth and significantly improving health overall and quality of hair!

Prescription Medications for Hair Loss

Our medical experts may recommend FDA-approved medications to combat hair loss. These treatments target different aspects of hair loss, from stimulating hair growth to blocking DHT, a hormone that can lead to hair thinning.

Is Hair Restoration the right treatment for me?

FUE Hair Transplants with Neograft or other FUE Devices:

They provide natural-looking results with precise hair placement, minimizing scarring compared to traditional methods. They feature a quicker recovery time, enabling a faster return to daily activities.

Natural Hair Restoration for Hair Regrowth:

Natural Hair Restoration restores hair follicles by working with your body’s own healing mechanisms. It’s a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment that requires no downtime, allowing you to improve your hair thickness and scalp health without disrupting your routine.

FDA-Cleared Laser Treatments (including Sunetics Laser Light and Laser Cap from

By stimulating cellular activity and enhancing blood circulation in the scalp, this treatment effectively promotes hair growth. It is both safe and painless, with no known side effects, making it perfectly suitable for consistent use.  It is both convenient and accessible home treatment options that fit into daily routines.

Considerations and Side Effects:

FUE Hair Transplants with Neograft or other FUE Devices:

FUE transplants offer precise and natural-looking results, but they may result in temporary scalp sensitivity, minor swelling, or bruising after the procedure. The need for individual follicle extraction can prolong the duration of treatment.

Natural Hair Restoration for Hair Regrowth:

Natural Hair Restoration is generally well-tolerated, but some patients may experience mild discomfort at the injection site, slight bruising, or temporary scalp tenderness following the treatment.

FDA-Cleared Laser Treatments:

Laser therapy is non-invasive and carries minimal risk; however, a small number of patients might notice initial shedding or a temporary change in hair texture. Consistent use is essential to maintain results.

Prescription Medications for Hair Loss:

While effective for many, prescription medications can have side effects such as scalp irritation and unwanted hair growth in adjacent areas.




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NuMale Medical Center is dedicated to providing personalized care and lasting results in hair restoration. Our experts are here to guide you through each step of your journey towards vibrant, healthy hair. Welcome to the new you, where confidence and satisfaction meet cutting-edge hair restoration science.

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Hair Restoration Frequently Asked Questions

Hair loss may be caused by many different factors, including genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, stress and medical conditions. At NuMale Medical Center, we conduct an in-depth assessment to ascertain the source of your hair loss – this may include medical history review, hormone testing and scalp examination to formulate a customized treatment plan to target both symptoms and causes simultaneously.

Scheduling a private consultation with us is the ideal way to determine if laser hair restoration or any other treatment option is appropriate for you. With medical centers across the United States and online booking options available, contact us now so we can arrange one!

Your first visit will involve an extensive assessment to ascertain the source of your hair loss. Our personalized approach helps us devise a treatment plan tailored specifically to you and your situation.

The time it takes to see results can vary depending on the individual and the treatment used. During your consultation, we will provide you with an estimated timeline based on the treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

NuMale Medical Center is your go-to solution for hair restoration. We focus on uncovering the source of your thinning locks and offering tailored, innovative solutions. Our holistic approach guarantees effective yet natural-looking results for every client we treat.

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