Hair Loss Research

What causes Hair Loss?

At any time, 90% or more of the hairs on a man’s head are growing, but in some individuals this percentage will start to decrease as years pass.

  • Common Causes Include

  • Stress

  • Poor Diet

  • Scalp Skin Conditions

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Follicle Damage From Harsh Hair Products

Hairloss in men

Can Genetics Cause Hair Loss?

By far the most common form of hair loss is genetics and is referred to as Androgenic Alopecia. While Androgenic Alopecia can occur in women, it is predominantly a male-related condition that affects nearly twice as many men as women. Often called “male pattern baldness”, Androgenic Alopecia can begin in men as early as age 20, but usually begins in their 40s or later. It is characterized by a gradually receding frontal hairline, loss of hair in the crown and thinning in the frontal scalp. Over time, this can lead to complete baldness for those men affected by Androgenic Alopecia.

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What are the most effective hair Loss Treatments?

  • PRP Hair Restoration Therapy

  • NeoGraft Transplant

  • Laser Hair Therapy

  • Capillus hair Restoration Cap

How Do Hair Restoration Treatments Work?

PRP Hair Restoration Therapy utilizes the male body’s own Platelet Rich Plasma to be drawn, processed in a lab and then returned to the region of hair loss to stimulate the cells in the dormant hair follicles. It’s a natural, minimally invasive method that has a high success rate for qualified candidates. The number of treatments required will vary depending on the amount of hair loss in an individual patient.

A NeoGraft Transplant is a non-surgical, 20-minute hair transplant method proven to regrow hair. Utilizing follicular unit extraction (FUE), individual hair follicles are extracted from the back of the head then transplanted to the areas of the patient’s scalp affected by hair loss. Because this treatment is non-surgical, there is no risk of bleeding scarring or nerve damage. Results from the procedure can be seen in as little as six months. This is a one-time procedure only requiring the occasional follow-up appointment after completion.

Laser Hair Therapy utilizes Bio-Stimulation to reverse the causes of thinning hair and promote Male Hair Restoration at the cellular level. This treatment is best for men with thinning hair as opposed to those with complete baldness. Each 20-minute session consists of a laser unit emitting low-level lasers, completely surrounding the scalp while the patient is awake, seated and relaxed. The lasers target and stimulate weak hair follicles, mobilize cells, trigger protein synthesis and promotes blood microcirculation.  The number of treatments required will vary depending on the amount of hair loss in an individual patient.

A Capillus Hair Restoration Cap can stimulate new hair growth while being used as little as 30 minutes a day, three times a week. Called the Capillus 272 Pro, the FDA-Approved cap emits low level lasers to rejuvenate the hair follicles, reverse hair loss and regrow a thicker head of hair. The Capillus Pro 272 is safe, effective and mobile. Perhaps the most convenient way to regrow hair without disrupting your daily routine. An independent medical study showed the reversal of hair loss in 100 percent of participants who used it every other day for a period of 17 weeks. Hair volume increased anywhere from 11 percent all the way up to 189 percent!

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