Andropause: What is it?

Also known as male menopause or Low T, Andropause is a hormonal imbalance condition in men where the male testosterone levels have declined or become sub-optimal. Andropause is the most common type of Male Hormone Imbalance and commonly occurs in men after age 40, but effects some men in their 30s. Symptoms can be uncomfortable and disrupt a demanding lifestyle. Before recent technology, this condition is one men have always had to just accept as a ‘part of aging’.

Understanding the Science Behind Andropause

Andropause represents a significant shift in a man’s physiological state, typically driven by the gradual decrease in testosterone levels. This hormonal shift impacts various bodily functions and may contribute to symptoms commonly associated with andropause. While menopause in women can involve more sudden hormonal fluctuations, andropause typically involves gradual declines. Understanding these biological processes behind andropause will equip men with the tools they need to seek appropriate interventions early and minimize their adverse impacts on daily lives.

Andropause & Low T Symptoms

The symptoms of Andropause can be brought on by a host of factors including physical inactivity, stress, alcohol use, poor diet, and smoking. These symptoms include:

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Depression

  • Fatigue

  • Memory Loss

  • Hair loss

  • Decreased Muscle Mass

  • Lowered Sex Drive

  • Weight Gain

Low Testosterone

Lowered testosterone levels is a key symptom of the male body’s natural aging process and can be one of the most detrimental to overall male vitality. In addition to powering the male sex drive, testosterone helps maintain several processes in the male body including mental focus, physical energy, muscle mass, bone density, and the production of red blood cells.

Old Andropause Treatment Options:

When it comes to alleviating the symptoms of low testosterone, there are a few options available–mainly through hormone replacement therapy in the form of topical gels or creams, injections, or pellets.

Unfortunately, if you choose one of these topic solutions, it needs to be applied daily, which leads to inconsistent T levels that diminish throughout the day until a crash is experienced in the evening. Since it is applied to exposed skin, you also run the risk of transferring hormones which may be dangerous to others through physical contact.

Since injections are given weekly, the same “roller-coaster” effect as topical solutions is experienced, just over the course of the week, rather than daily.

NuMale Treatment For Low T & Andropause

Fortunately, there is a better solution, which is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy which is administered under the skin in pellets, and which mimics the body’s natural testosterone in both chemical and cellular makeup. Since these pellets are no larger than a small breath mint, several of them can be inserted using a simple and painless in-office procedure which provides up to six months of uninterrupted testosterone levels in the optimum 800-1200 region.

And, when you chose the services of NuMale, you also have the option of using other treatments which can have you feeling younger and back to your old self again, which include:

  • Growth hormone therapy
  • Hair restoration
  • Medical weight loss
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • NuMale Eros®, which is available only at NuMale Medical Clinic

The Role of Lifestyle in Managing Andropause

Lifestyle plays an integral part in managing andropause symptoms effectively. Small changes to daily habits can drastically enhance quality of life and diminish symptoms. Engaging in physical activity regularly has been shown to boost testosterone naturally while simultaneously improving mood and energy levels; similarly, eating nutritious food supports hormonal balance as well as overall health benefits.

Stress relief techniques such as meditation, yoga and regular walks may help ease andropause symptoms. Limiting alcohol consumption and quitting smoking are also recommended to decrease levels of anxiety.


Personalized Treatment Plans: Tailoring Solutions to Individual Needs

Each man experiences andropause differently, with its symptoms varying in severity and impact. Due to this variation, treatment plans must be tailored specifically for each individual; bioidentical hormone replacement therapy combined with lifestyle adjustments, nutritional advice and mental health support is often the most successful management strategy.

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