Simple Ways to Reduce the Chance of Erectile Dysfunction

A large percent of men in the United States suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). The risks increase as men grow older, but ED can happen at any age. Embarrassment and frustration are common when the problem begins, but men do not have to feel helpless. Many ways exist to lower the risk of ED, and effective treatment can assist if the condition continues.

Protect Your Health

Studies show that poor health choices can contribute to ED. Men that smoke, drink, and carry extra pounds could increase the risk of losing their ability to gain an erection. Make healthy diet choices and exercise to maintain a healthy weight. Quit smoking and only consume alcohol in moderation.

Visit the Doctor

ED is a side effect of many serious diseases. An annual wellness check can help to detect the conditions early and make it possible to either correct the illness or at least keep it under control. Some of the conditions known to cause ED to include diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease. Any condition that affects circulation could lead to erection problems.

The side effects of certain medications may also affect sexual performance. Men that begin to have a problem with erections should discuss their prescriptions with their doctor. Mention to the doctor any over-the-counter drugs or supplements taken as well.

Keep Teeth Healthy

Gum disease can lead to chronic inflammation in the body that damages the endothelial cells. In the mouth that means that bacteria grow in the gaps between the gums and the teeth, and lead to tooth decay. Gum disease can cause ED because endothelial cells line all the cells in the body.

Affected endothelial cells in the penis can mean a reduction in blood flow due to the inflammation. An erection cannot occur without a normal flow of blood, so erections become more difficult to achieve. Regular dental cleanings and exams can prevent this problem.

Avoid Common Misconceptions

Age causes men to take longer to achieve an erection and can lead to occasional disappointments. Even young men could fail to have success every time, particularly when overtired, intoxicated, or under stress. Occasional erection failure is not the same as ED and is not necessarily a sign of future problems.

Learn to Relax

Anxiety and stress can lead to performance issues. The stress about whether an erection will occur can cause men to become too anxious to perform properly. Stress management techniques, like reading a book or taking a walk, can help to lower anxiety levels and make success in the bedroom more likely.

Choose Activities Carefully

Men that suffer from ED may want to look for a new hobby if they often choose activities like cycling, horseback riding, or riding a motorcycle. These types of activities can affect the ability to get an erection because of the pressure placed on the nerves and arteries when seated on a horse or bike. The affected nerves and arteries supply blood to the penis.

Studies of cyclists were conducted due to historical texts that detailed the erection problems commonly suffered by soldiers that rode horses. A Japanese study focused on the effect on men that chose motorcycles and found that as little as three hours a day on the machines can affect some riders.

Erectile dysfunction can begin for multiple reasons. Too often, the condition causes embarrassment and the sufferer refuses to ask for help. At NuMale Medical Center, we appreciate the courage it takes to finally seek an answer. Our clinics focus on the problems millions of men experience, and our treatments enable these patients to have the life they want.

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