Symptoms and Conditions

Like all doctors, NuMale’s physicians are trained to evaluate symptoms and figure out what’s causing them. We see men suffering from conditions related to sexual dysfunction, aging and much more. The symptoms that bring men into the office are usually caused by an underlying medical condition, and some of them are quite serious.

Though avid readers of our website and our social media pages already know this, conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, low testosterone (low-T), heart disease and more can cause sexual dysfunction symptoms. Often erectile dysfunction (ED) leads physicians to diagnose and treat these conditions, which leads to improved health. Like ED, dizziness can lead doctors to diagnose important medical conditions.

Dr. Asandra, NuMale’s Chief Medical Officer, recently contributed to a feature on to highlight the causes of dizziness and help people understand when they need to seek qualified medical attention. Read the full piece here. Contact NuMale today to learn more about our approach to treating overall health and how we can help you.


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